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Smart Posture Corrector

Smart Posture Corrector

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How It Works:

The Smart Posture Corrector senses when your posture is not at its best, sending immediate vibration alerts to the device reminding you to sit straight throughout the day using its high tech, multi-sensor technology.

Track Your Progress:

Stay connected and keep track of your progress. Adjust vibration setting as needed and check out the posture scale to see how your posture better’s overtime. 

Prioritize Your Health: 

The easiest, fastest and most effective way to naturally improve your posture. Our Smart Posture Corrector is sure to give results in just 4 weeks, helping your gain confidence and allowing you to slowly start feeling like yourself again. Our device strengthens your back, stimulates better blood flow and overall promotes your well-being.

Lifelong Habits:

Develop a routine, the Smart Posture Corrector is made to wear all day.  Take it to work, use it around the house, in the office or while cleaning, it is perfect for daily tasks. Don’t worry about it showing either, it is small and thin so it is hardly noticeable under clothing. Put us in your routine and you will discover and show off to others what good posture looks and feels like.


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