"As someone who deals with lower back pain, I’ve found myself slouching and looking down often while on my phone or on my computer at work.  This has unfortunately created a bad habit that makes me self conscious. Since then, I’ve discovered the Smart Posture Corrector by Vital Vida and I’ve seen a difference in my appearance and my overall performance physically and mentally due to this small device and its power. This device is in my routine and it’s something that I’ve put my friends and family on."

    -Emily A. 

You asked we answered:

How does the Smart Posture Corrector work? 

The Smart Posture Corrector is convenient and easy to use.Be sure to charge device first and foremost for best duration with usb provided. Grab device press and hold button till device vibrates on and sync device to mobile using Bluetooth. Place on middle top of back and once calibrated with app, you will feel vibration once spine isn’t at its upright angle while sitting, standing or walking.

How long does the adhesive last?

The adhesive is made to last anywhere from 3-10 times depending on skin type and how well you protect and seal the adhesive. It is always good to keep plastic cover of adhesive that comes within the package to cover adhesive when it is not being used.  This way it will stay clean and stickiness will last longer.  Package comes with 10 adhesives included. 

What is the return policy? 

Smart Posture Corrector comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order.  In order for you to qualify for return, item must be in original packaging, and in its original condition. Item will be inspected before money is returned.